Benefits With The Use Of Current Trends In Technology In Education and Learning From Mentors In SkillPal.

Considering the rampant rate at which technology is developing and transforming almost every aspect of our lives, whether it is socialising, business, education or learning, it’s safe to say that the best is yet to come when it comes to integrating this technology into the everyday lives of the people. Education has changed its flow now. Any person can be a mentor and anyone can be his or her student. Industry experts came to build a new reputation. They provide life-changing ideas to set new goals. SkillPal is the new platform to pour knowledge in people’s mind. A person who loves to get edutainment from the internet can easily ask for a short video from an expert mentor of SkillPal. People who want to learn anything from the web can come to SkillPal. It is a platform where you can get mentors from different fields and set your skill upwards. Skillpal will help anybody to gain knowledge with edutainment. Expert mentors will help to review the skills and set the goals.

Technology is not just changing industries and corporates but also the world of education. There is substantial growth in the usage of modern technology in educational institutions as they continue to invest heavily in this medium to make courses more accessible and enhance learning. There are a vast number of technological innovations related to education which are subsequently improving the online education sector as well as pushing the boundaries of innovations. SkillPal democratizes celebrity and industry-leading knowledge sharing for fans and aspiring talent through personalized, bite-size video advice and lives guidance. If someone ever wanted to get his or her song chorus reviewed by a famous musician or your social media content by a marketing thought leader? You can now with SkillPal. They are India’s first Personalized celebrity and expert video mentoring platform OR video advice marketplace. At its core, the vision of themselves is to bring Indian teachers and expert mentors closer to their fans. Any expert listed on their portal can monetize their exclusive expertise by recording short video advice and feedback to the work of aspiring talent and for their fans. The Owner and investors planned to build a reputation by providing education through entertainment to the common people. It is quite expected that the fans will grab the opportunity to get proficient personalized video messages from attractive Mentors with good skills. It is the committing time to put the popular teachers into our bag. Experts generate knowledge and People love them to do extraordinary things which give education and entertain the users.

Technology can have a coordinative effect in the way of learning and teaching and the emergence of it can push educators to leverage and understand these technologies to be used in classrooms. While educators have come across several new technological methods of teaching, implementing them, in reality, has been far off. Educators have been looking for a solid medium that can be permanently implanted into their curriculum so that they can introduce new ways of learning to their students. But several other educators disagree with this new method, claiming that the traditional methods have a broader and stronger effect on the way students learn. The schools of the future generation may have the traditional units of students. Some of the changes have already taken wings with the exposure of education apps, mobile learning sources or, say, e-learning programs. We are living in a world where mobile devices have become a part of everyday life. This is possibly the best way to promote technology in education by creating educational programmes and online platforms that are accessible on mobiles.

Technology has made it possible for everyone to stay connected. We connect, discuss and enact upon situations collaboratively. This collaborative approach has gained importance in the learning process as well. In a classroom learning model, teachers encourage collaboration by assigning group activities and tasks. When students team up together to work on a project or solve a problem, it builds their collaborative skills. Working together improves their understanding and increases engagement. Although eLearning is quite popular, it includes collaboration with features to share and discuss. In a traditional teaching model, a teacher enters a classroom, speaks for about 30 minutes, and leaves when the bell rings. But today, technology has bridged the gap between teachers and students. You would find teachers and students interacting with each other more often. Teachers are far more accessible now and act as mentors to help students in their overall development. This collaborative learning approach helps students to interact with their peers and build their interpersonal skills. Mobile-based devices have taken learning outside of the classroom. With mLearning and eLearning growing in popularity, students can learn at their own pace and time. This trend is expected to keep up as it is a convenient method of delivering as well as receiving the education. Designing mobile-first responsive content helps students to go through their courses anytime and anywhere.

Internet connection is no longer an issue with offline reading capabilities. EBooks can be embedded with many features to enhance the learning experience. Complete with annotation tools, bookmarks, hyperlinks, dictionary, search feature, an eBook makes learning more flexible. Most of the educational institutes today have adopted mobile learning into their learning ecosystems, benefiting students and teachers alike. Who would have ever thought that social media would one day be accepted as part of the learning process? With kids as young as eleven having social media profiles on various platforms, you can’t really expect to keep them away from social media for too long. So, teachers found a way to utilize this trend and turn it into a powerful tool for enhancing the learning process. Educational institutes have started using social media as a communication tool, where students can interact with their peers and faculty members. Usually, students share videos and images with their friends and followers. But with social features embedded in their eBooks, they can share study materials, opinions, projects etc. They can comment on someone else’s post or share links to other websites, all the while building peer networks and enhancing the online learning experience. Teachers allow the use of social media as part of the learning model because it helps students to stay interested in their course and increases engagement. Social media is here to stay and incorporating it into learning modules will build a culture of collaboration and sharing, leading to an improved learning experience.

I completed 10th from The Scottish Church Collegiate School. I got certified from NIIT in the track BSIM. Completed MBA from ICFAI University.