HelloStar Media and new age influencers.

The Organization believes that the Indian crowd will help them to grow in a significant way. With the help of augmented reality, the shout out process will mesmerize youngsters of India. In every corner of this country, many Influencers and celebrities created a huge fan base locally and even internationally. To get personalized video messages and greetings from the trendy content creators’ young people will definitely jump for HelloStar Media.

AR in India is spreading its arms on a large scale. In India, Augmented Reality technology has been widely used in many sectors and also it is being loved by the users. This technology not only provides the complete information about the product but also the users would be able to see the product on any angle. By the help of AR HelloStar can earn reputation by sending personalized video messages. It is most entertaining and easy to use technology. The Indian market is the largest in the world and it is believed that AR in India will gain success faster than any other country. As the plan goes on HelloStar will create these role models in the ground. Some TV serial stars will become film stars; the social media models will create more interesting videos and more. The hot social model will become ramp walkers. More money will be generated only by fans.

The new-age marketers are searching for a new type of marketing. Influencer marketing is the best way to follow. If the influencer gets ready to promote a brand with his ore her contents then it will be a great success. Many celebrities are coming into this program. The organization HelloStar is a medium between common people and their dream influencer. As a person sees their favourite celebrity on the screen of Television or internet device it is virtual reality. When the celebrity sends a personalized message or tags the fan somewhere it becomes an augmented reality. The HelloStar team believes that there is a bigger untapped opportunity in India for the shout-out process, considering the craze around celebrities and influencer in India. The main objective behind starting up HelloStar is to shelter influencers in our business. Consuming the time, we want to spawn multiple revenue streams for them.

Each influencer or celebrity who is listed on the HelloStar platform will get a satisfying rate. The user can click on their favourite celebrity and make a payment. After a while, the requester will receive a shoutout within the next seven days. The influencers who stands on the platform made by their fans can easily make another source of money income. There are many content creators in local parts of India. Many of them got the golden play button from Youtube also. They feed on millions of Indian subscribers. The most interesting part is that the teenage and youngster public doesn’t miss any of their videos. The educated young population loves virtual reality. But this time it is something better for them. Most of them wait for their beloved show to come in a different way with different content. HelloStar will help them to get much closer to their stars.

As the assumption considered by the authority of HelloStar Media Indian Market is absolutely perfect for this augmented reality program. The Russian MNC started this process in Russia some months ago. The response of the crowd was mind-blowing there. Russian people really liked it. Looking at Indian economy we understand that people are ready to invest in augmented reality program. We also know that Indian people always come forward to invest in entertainment. There are several art industries in each state of India. We saw how people go crazy about their dream stars. Now it is time to take them closer to their dream to meet their stars.

I completed 10th from The Scottish Church Collegiate School. I got certified from NIIT in the track BSIM. Completed MBA from ICFAI University.