How does SkillPal mentorship contribute to the development and leverage of results in organizations?

Mentoring programs in the workplace leverage existing resources and key personnel to help employees grow and thrive. Mentorship programs are key for employee retention and satisfaction.

SkillPal Mentorship programs benefit employers and employees in multiple measurable and visible ways:

· Improved Personal and Career Development

· Improved Onboarding and Productivity

· Leadership Development

· Builds Diversity

· Allows for Reverse Mentoring

· Supports a Learning Culture

· Reduces Costs

SkillPal Mentorship programs allow for employees to take ownership of their own personal and professional development. Rather than feeling stagnant in their roles, employees exercise growth through their relationship with a mentor and have a trustworthy resource with whom to consult for advice. This helps to improve retention and create cost-effective and scalable programs for career development.

When it comes to starting a new job, employees can feel overwhelmed. However, when they’ve established a mentor-mentee relationship, they have the added benefit and support of knowing who to go to should they run into questions or problems. Furthermore, once employees are trained, the mentorship program can lead to enhanced job satisfaction, which translates into increased productivity and better customer service. These days organizations grab mentors from SkillPal maximum times.

Since SkillPal mentors are typically employees who have seniority within the company, and more often than not, serve in leadership positions, mentees experience faster progression in their growth. They have personal attention and guidance by their side. At the same time, the mentor deepens their sense of purpose and strengthens their leadership position within the organization.

In an effort to level the playing field by sharing opinions, knowledge and ideas, SkillPal mentorship programs can help improve diversity in leadership. The sole existence of a successful program can serve to better attract, and of course, retain employees from all different backgrounds and walks of life.

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