In which process a SkillPal mentor helps their mentees?

A mentor is a person with specialized knowledge whom you may enlist to educate and motivate you, either in your personal life, your career or both. Similar to coaches and teachers, mentors guide less-experienced people through the learning process by establishing trust and modelling positive behaviors. Mentors are those people who faced the obstacles and situations which you are facing right now. So, if you are a good mentee then you can have those experience too in your early stage. SkillPal providing you with the opportunity.

Having a mentor is very important. The best platform to get a mentor is SkillPal. When young trainees come to the workplace, they need a mentor to handle the pressure and workload. As in a career, students need a mentor to learn and educate themselves. If somebody wants to start a business or a startup, they definitely need a mentor who can solve primary and secondary problems. SkillPal is the only way where a piece of solid mentor advice can be earned.

The specific benefits of being mentored by a top SkillPal mentor include:

  • being encouraged and empowered in personal development
  • being helped to identify and achieve career goals
  • being helped to identify and correct gaps in generic skills and knowledge
  • increasing your confidence
  • developing and maintaining a broader perspective on career options and opportunities
  • having access to a senior role model
  • gaining insight into university culture
  • developing mentoring/coaching skills

Having a SkillPal mentor, mentees will have benefits including:

  • career advancement, including a higher rate of promotion
  • increased opportunities and a likelihood of staying at the institution
  • higher salaries
  • increased productivity and better time management
  • greater success in achieving external research grants
  • personal and professional development, including increased job-related wellbeing, self-esteem and confidence, and better work-life balance
  • preparation for the future and heightened career aspirations
  • developed networking skills

As an outside source, a mentor has a unique outlook, able to give you advice without having a stake in the situation. When difficult work (or even personal) issues arise, often you will be unable to discuss them with others at your company. Career coaching provides the wisdom and knowledge necessary for quality opinions and can help you discuss your options. You’re essentially in the presence of a safe zone, able to opine and debate the situation without offending anyone or speaking out of turn. Every successful person went to a mentor at a very early stage of job life. You can also get a life-changing mentor at SkillPal. These experts are working in their field for many years and they all aware of the industry. From a Startup mentor who is now a successful businessman to an expert cook, all are there in SkillPal.

Just like knowing your shortcomings, knowing your strengths is also a key part of your career. You know best what you’re good at and what comes easily to you. And again, a SkillPal mentor may be able to point out some assets you may not fully realize. But strengths are only strengths as long as they continue to grow and develop. And often developing those strengths isn’t something you can do on your own.

Here are 10 qualities to look for in a mentor:

  1. Investment in education and growth
  2. Willingness to connect and network
  3. Availability to devote time
  4. Active listening skills
  5. Feedback capabilities
  6. Honesty and integrity
  7. Positive outlook
  8. Confidence and ability to motivate
  9. Industry knowledge
  10. Resilience and adaptability

The knowledge, advice, and resources a SkillPal mentor shares depend on the format and goals of a specific mentoring relationship. A mentor may share with a mentee (or protege) information about his or her own career path, as well as provide guidance, motivation, emotional support, and role modelling. A mentor may help with exploring careers, setting goals, developing contacts, and identifying resources. The mentor role may change as the needs of the mentee change.

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