The Future of Influencer marketing and The Journey of HelloStar.

It can be a paradise for influencers in the next 5 years. Influencer marketing as a subject increases in a huge spike. The graph is still increasing. HelloStar came up here with new ideas. It will help to get education from video lessons from celebrity mentors. The platform HelloStar came up with another type of influencers. It is called celebrity mentors. The social media users only option to make someone a star from a common person. But there is a factor that why these stars only make videos or posts for entertainment. HelloStar created their portal to bring these stars closer to the common people and teach them. From just an influencer to a celebrity mentor who gives education to the people by making short videos. No influencers have the opportunity to advise someone something by which they can put some value in the society. Now the time has come. Influencers will create some advisory videos to launch a new sunrise.

Influencer marketing was once a new marketing channel but has passed through the phases of discovery to first movers in the industry and now it is becoming a mainstream marketing channel as more brands look at how they can use it. What the future of this industry pertains will be decided as the next era of first movers appear. The advent of social media has provided new channels for advertisers to tell their brand stories in an authentic and distinctive voice. As the influencer marketing industry reaches maturity, I’ve stopped to ask myself: Is influencer marketing still worth it in 2020? To get to the bottom of this question, I analyzed recent industry data — and the results might surprise you. Read on to uncover key insights into the influencer marketing industry for the year ahead.

Similar to word-of-mouth marketing, influencer marketing is a less explicit method of advertising products and services via credible individuals with dedicated web or social media followings. These can take the form of social media influencers or niche experts in fields such as cosmetics, athletics or interior design. There is no consensus on what constitutes an influencer. However, influencers are generally third-party individuals who use their popularity on platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and Facebook to influence the purchasing decisions of their follower bases. Despite the naysayers and critics, the outlook for influencer marketing for the coming decade is positive. In 2018, Linqia Research found that 86% of marketers and advertising agencies utilized influencer marketing as part of their overall outreach strategy. Within this group, 92% found the practice to be useful for effective brand outreach.

Whether this trend will persist depends on whether social media platform growth trends hold up in the future. According to eMarketer, Instagram, the current leading platform for influencer marketing by gross revenue, is predicted to grow to 112.5 million U.S.-based users in 2020 and 117.2 million the following year. The leading social media platforms are here to stay. Historically, influencer marketing has been well received by ad agencies and brands, and an increasing number are making space in their strategies for the practice. For this reason, every indication points toward the continued growth of this marketing sector. 2019 has witnessed a brilliant evolution in the influencer marketing industry. Right from the rise of new-age influencers exploring new, diverse niches to the increased media spends in influencer marketing, the business of influencing has certainly polished up. Needless to say, the time has come for all businesses to reap the benefits of influencer marketing to stay ahead of the game. As we move towards the end of the year, it calls for identifying the new opportunities that influencer came up with HelloStar.

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