The upcoming learning technologies in India and SkillPal.

Today, India is one of the world’s top destinations for education. With some of the best colleges and universities, it is renowned for its excellence and high standards. What’s even more interesting is how technology has advanced rapidly to transform the way students in India consume educational content. Additionally, the penetration of internet-based smartphones is taking quality learning to students across geographies in India. Today, little children are watching their favourite cartoons and learning pictorial rhymes on the same device. Education is being imparted to them through flexible and non-intrusive formats. As a consequence, students across all age groups are discovering the joys of learning and having fun while at it. There has been a noticeable shift in the perception of parents and teachers view digital learning too. Today, institutions are making efforts to shift the focus back on students to reinvent the way they learn right throughout their life. The scientific investigations of technological developments have influenced every walk of human life.

The educational process does not remain untouched by these advances. There is rapid mechanization in the field of education. It has resulted in the introduction of technology in the field of education. Many different approaches to technology can be used to support and enhance learning. Various approaches of Educational technology deliver different kinds of content and serve different purposes in the classroom. Each approach of technology is likely to play a different role in students’ learning. A mentor of SkillPal can help you advance within your field and connect you with opportunities that you might not have otherwise had access to. They do this by sharing their knowledge, helping you identify opportunities in your path, and potentially opening doors for you when the time comes. Almost every great achiever in history has claimed that they had a great mentor at some point during their rise to excellence. A mentorship is a valuable tool for turning one’s vision into reality.

SkillPal Mentors are expected to guide and advise their mentees, helping them build a successful career or gain a solid footing within a certain organization. Typically, a mentor has one mentee at a time and can focus on shaping their trajectory. Skilled immigrants and international students who want to quickly advance in their career in a new country should take advantage of mentorships. Gaining knowledge from someone who has successfully navigated a similar experience can help you accelerate your growth. Someone who will help you make the right decisions at the right time could influence the rest of your life. India might not have readily adopted education technology but it’s heartening to see how a traditional sector like education is using technology as an enabler so far. Today, some cutting-edge technologies are being used to further enhance this sector, while grabbing the attention of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, corporates and governments.

Learning platforms, software and digital devices are together creating countless new ways to modify education. This way, the academic potential, strengths, weaknesses, aptitude and learning pace of every single student is catered to. Precise, mobile and reliable applications are being created to teach students, help them practice their learnings, take assignments and manage their schedules. Schools are now providing their students with digital devices like desktop computers, laptops and tablets. These devices are aiding them in the teaching process while also helping them understand how students learn and how to enhance their learning process. In the traditional classroom seating scenario, students are unable to get the individual attention they need due to time constraints. In contrast, the one-to-one context of learning in digital mediums currently students to learn through videos and chat with an expert.

The upcoming ‘Learning Management System’ will continue the two-way communication model between students and experts. More importantly, it will let students track their coursework progress, identify improvement areas and offer ways to make the most of them. Over the past few years, mobile learning has picked up by the populace who have gradually assimilated it in their lives. It has offered students the flexibility to access educational content seamlessly across multiple digital devices like desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The smartphone user base in India continues to increase, in both urban and rural areas. The coming years will witness users accessing most of their educational content through internet-powered smartphones in a massive way. Most educational content, including even online courses, will be optimized entirely for mobile devices. Video learning has always appealed to students since it closely mirrors the traditional classroom teaching style. Earlier, students watched video lectures as a form of homework and then discussed them during the next class. Over time, this habit brought about a remarkable improvement in their performance, with a noticeable improvement in grades.

The SkillPal mentoring message or personalized video can be regarding anything. It may be regarding how to speak or how to talk. Many women watch the process of cooking video and need some tips on how to entertain their family members with new delicious dishes. They may ask for a video message from an expert cook via Skillpal. Young women who love to be a fashion icon in their college or universities can ask for an optional learning video from social media fashion bloggers or influencers. The mother of a little child who starts his or her first education can get a personalized video from primary school teachers. This is not the last but the least. Skillpal will take anyone to the next level. The celebrities will provide you with personalized video messages directly regarding edutainment. Everyone knows that school education or college education will not enough to make someone’s life so meaningful. Young stars need to learn from the experts who struggle to achieve something in their life or people who have talents to stay as an alive star. Spreading education is not that simple.

Skillpal is building a reputation for outpouring education in society. People who may request for video lessons from an influencer can get something to learn from Skillpal. This organization originates from Russia. Now they came to India. People or social media users giving time behind entertainment but they learn nothing. This time they will get something to learn and utilize their time and for which edutainment is the new philosophy. Users or fans who want to get an edutainment shoutout can ask for a personalized video message and can get a short video within 7 days from the stars. Video lectures allowed students to learn subject syllabi at their own pace and dedicate time spent in class towards interactions. This will continue to be a trend in the future where students will have access to rich and interactive content, that will be useful for both formal training as well as performance enhancement.


I completed 10th from The Scottish Church Collegiate School. I got certified from NIIT in the track BSIM. Completed MBA from ICFAI University.

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Sayantan Chatterjee

I completed 10th from The Scottish Church Collegiate School. I got certified from NIIT in the track BSIM. Completed MBA from ICFAI University.