What leads a person to be a successful mentor or motivator?

Curiosity is the most important thing which leads someone to be a great mentor. If a person had a passion to gain knowledge and utilize that, then the person can be a great mentor. Mostly, those who onboarded themselves on SkillPal as a mentor had this quality in the near past. A good SkillPal mentor faces many kinds of challenges and obstacles, they overcome those and lead their subordinates to success. If you want to be successful in life and be worthy, then you must come to SkillPal.

When someone starts his or her career in an entrepreneurship module, or internship in an organization, or maybe in a Startup, failures come like a breeze. It’s normal and common. As a mentor I must say that I had faced these challenges too and again I want to state that my mentees will not repeat my mistakes. That is why SkillPal is here. Mentors are not that easily available or free. SkillPal mentors are skilled enough to give protégé information to their mentees.

In this age of Digitization or online modification, the mentorship protocol changed itself. The biggest platform of mentorship is SkillPal and it is fully online. A mentor can send a personalized video message to the mentees online. SkillPal onboarded mentors from various fields to provide mentorship videos and who can talk to the mentees. From a startup coach to a cooking or martial art expert who may provide guidance to the users.

The best place to get an industry expert mentor is SkillPal. If you want a mentor, you must have sure that the person had overcome hard struggles and rough situations in his or her life. This kind of mentor is found only in SkillPal and nowhere else. A person who mentors you must qualify many tough conditions which gave solid experiences. Not everyone like that. A mentor is one within thousands. A SkillPal mentor has robust knowledge and experience to share with the mentee. That is why mentors are not plentiful.

A SkillPal mentor is someone you can look up to. It is a person who guides you and helps you in making well-informed decisions. Mentorship means that someone takes you under their wing to teach you how to fly, so to speak. “One of the greatest values of mentors is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see and to help them navigate a course to their destination.” — John C. Maxwell.

When someone wants to get a mentor, he or she goes to search the internet. It’s good but it is not the safest way. SkillPal is a platform where experts from different fields come to give mentorship. Young entrepreneurs and management trainees do mistake a lot, but if they come to good mentors the mistakes can be managed and their skills will be developed. Every successful person went to a mentor at a very early stage of job life. You can also get a life-changing mentor at SkillPal. These experts are working in their field for many years and they are all aware of the industry.

Your mentor would have experienced many failures while walking his path, and so he would have found creative solutions for such shortcomings. With their guidance, you can take shortcuts evading these failures. Moreover, they can help you get a better picture of your end goals. The best way to get a successful mentor is SkillPal. It is the Indo-Russian platform where qualified mentors come to give personalized mentorship.