Where you may find a mentor if you really need growth in your life and career?

I am an IT professional. At the very beginning stage of my career, I was a kind of clueless person. When I handled a serious project, I failed many times. But at a certain stage, I got my mentor. That person helped me a lot and I grew up slowly. Yes, mentorship is important! People who used to be less confident and have potentiality must have a mentor. SkillPal is a new brand that onboarded many professional mentors and coaches who may help to grow. The young professionals must come to SkillPal to get personalized mentorship.

If you want a mentor, you must have sure that the person had overcome hard struggles and rough situations in his or her life. This kind of mentor is found only in SkillPal and nowhere else. A person who mentors you must qualify many tough conditions which gave solid experiences. Not everyone like that. A mentor is one within thousands. A SkillPal mentor has robust knowledge and experience to share with the mentee. That is why mentors are not plentiful.

When someone wants to get a mentor, he or she goes to search the internet. It’s good but it is not the safest way. SkillPal is a platform where experts from different fields come to give mentorship. Young entrepreneurs and management trainees do mistake a lot, but if they come to good mentors the mistakes can be managed and their skills will be developed. Every successful person went to a mentor at a very early stage of job life. You can also get a life-changing mentor at SkillPal. These experts are working in their field for many years and they are all aware of the industry.

Your mentor would have experienced many failures while walking his path, and so he would have found creative solutions for such shortcomings. With their guidance, you can take shortcuts evading these failures. Moreover, they can help you get a better picture of your end goals. The best way to get a successful mentor is SkillPal. It is the Indo-Russian platform where qualified mentors come to give personalized mentorship.

· SkillPal mentors can give better insights into your goals

· Third-party Perspective

· Identify the lagging points

· Networking

· Keeps you motivated

· Identify the opportunities and pain points

When I grow an adult, I faced many problems. The problems are not only regarding professional or job life, but it is about the personal life also. I was not aware of that what a mentor can do! But now when I have a SkillPal mentor my problems are not that hectic. Everybody needs a mentor, and the best mentorship platform is SkillPal.

SkillPal is the most reliable place to find a mentor. At SkillPal you can find so many skilled mentors as it is the greatest personalized mentorship platform. Mentors who have faced many challenges and worked for a long period will help you to achieve your goals. Even the smartest Startup mentor come to SkillPal to support mentees.

A mentor is very important in every field of life. The more you give importance to a mentor the more you are close to success. A mentor will give you the education of the past. The mistakes will not repeat again by the mentee. The best platform to get a perfect mentor is SkillPal. A mentor may share with a mentee or protege information about his or her own career path, as well as provide guidance, motivation, emotional support, and role modelling. A mentor may help with exploring careers, setting goals, developing contacts, and identifying resources. SkillPal is the best platform for getting a perfect mentor. Good mentors of SkillPal have not only a willingness but a keen desire to share this information. They possess empathy and understand what it was like to be just starting out in their career or field. This drives them to pay it forward, so to speak, through mentorship.

I completed 10th from The Scottish Church Collegiate School. I got certified from NIIT in the track BSIM. Completed MBA from ICFAI University.