Why does a StartUp idea need to be mentored by SkillPal Experts?

Why does a StartUp idea need to be mentored by SkillPal Experts?

Many of the biggest names in tech benefited from the mentorship of seasoned entrepreneurs: Mark Zuckerberg had Steve Jobs, Bill Gates had Warren Buffet, and Sheryl Sandberg benefited from the guidance of her former college professor, Larry Summers. In simple terms, a startup mentor is somebody that’s been in your position, worked through it, and come out the other side; somebody with: Experience in your industry (ideally both success and failure). Expertise in a specific area of growth you’re struggling with. Willingness to help you grow, both professionally and personally. Their advice is invaluable for helping you grow your business with fewer expensive mistakes and wrong-turns; instead of relying on trial-and-error, you can ask for their guidance, and say ‘How did you solve this problem? How can I do the same?’ Now here is SkillPal, a platform where you can get paid personalized mentorship from industry experts.

How may a SkillPal mentor help you:

· Unbiased advice. Mentors are there to help you grow, even if that means tough love and hard-hitting advice.

· Personal advice. Mentors often develop personal relationships with their mentees and help them work through the highs and lows of growing a startup.

· Connections. Great mentors tend to be well networked, and can often introduce you to potential employees, investors and other mentors.

· Recognition and social proof. Mentoring often comes with the implication of endorsement, and getting help from a big name can work wonders for your profile.

India is a nation of more than 1.4 billion people. Our demographic dividend is skewed towards a sub 35 population and we have a requirement of adding more than 1 crore jobs each year. To meet this requirement, India needs a collective effort from its sharpest brains — in each corner of the country. For the crore new working force entrants, learning the tricks of the trade — for whatever endeavour it is that they want to pursue, is critical. The gap is wide and the need for experienced mentors to come forward and invest their time in nurturing talent even if it’s just nudging them in the right direction has never been more pressing. Finding a perfect mentor is not that easy. But, Skillpal is the most authentic platform where the proper startup mentors onboard themselves to give solid guidance.

Most people take their first step into entrepreneurship not fully realizing what they’re getting themselves into. No matter how much research you conduct, no one knows the journey of entrepreneurship better than someone who has experience walking through it. Startup mentors don’t necessarily lighten the load, but they do ease the difficulty of making tough decisions. Their advice is often unbiased, which provides you with opportunities to look at both sides of the matter before jumping into something you are unprepared for. Likewise, mentors often have experience with failure in ways a fresh startup might not have encountered yet. In an ecosystem that oftentimes functions like a minefield, it’s important to stay grounded and learn where to step from someone who has already made the journey. At SkillPal you can find those mentors who may lead you to the paradise of success.

One of the most time-consuming aspects of entrepreneurship is building your brand. Between all the buzz of social media and website design, startup weekends and networking events, and even the influx of meetings you try your best to keep up with, it’s easy to lose track of what’s truly important, and that’s building a successful brand that puts customers first. The right mentor will help you prioritize user experience as a means of brand-building. This means setting up your company with a foundation that lasts and not falling prey to entrepreneurial fads or trends. You don’t need a million followers. What you do need are early adopters and customers that love how your company solves their pain points. Good mentors are in the business of helping startups because they believe in bettering the entrepreneurial ecosystem. They understand where you are and want to give back by guiding you through the toughest startup stages. Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean you can take advantage of the mentors who are willing to help you. Listen closely to their advice and make smart, calculated decisions that build your business, knowledge, and experience.

SkillPal is the best platform where you can meet co-founders and CEO’s. It is the best beneficial stage where a person meets his or her dream expert to reach the goal. There are many Mentors who provide knowledge and suggestions to the mentees on the stage of SkillPal, I am giving a little description of where you can get some ideas. The mentor-mentee relationship is a process based on trust and effort invested by both parties. You can’t expect that your mentor will magically remove all the obstacles on your way or remedy all your mistakes. The mentor’s advice will be effective only if you’re willing to listen, learn, and implement. Be honest about your business’ positive and negative sides, your flaws and capabilities, as well as your fears. If you get personalized feedback and Bite-sized video regularly for your startup purpose from an industry expert, I can say that definitely, you can achieve your goals. Come to SkillPal without any hesitation and request for a mentorship video.

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